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Airport transfer at Helsinki-Vantaa

Airport hotels Pilotti and Bonus Inn offer their guests complimentary airport transfers

Staying at Pilotti and Bonus Inn is really worth it. In addition to attending to all of our travelers’ needs, the hotels offer valuable additional services. One of these is the free airport transfer between Helsinki-Vantaa airport and the hotels!

The airport shuttle bus will always get you to the airport on time and at no additional cost. The shuttle bus from Bonus Inn gets you to the airport in only five minutes. From Pilotti the bus will also get you to the airport quickly, in 5-10 minutes. The airport bus allows you to rest more and saves you the hassle and cost of arranging transportation, the expense of a taxi and the bother of looking for a parking spot. Also, remember that our hotels also offer free airport parking! Read more about this»

Additional information about airport transfers and timetables can be found on the Bonus Inn -hotel site »Pilotti hotel site »

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